The Foundation Continuity is entirely autonomous within the parameters of its goals, and its board is independent of PostNL.


Appointment Board

The first Board of Management of the Foundation Continuity was appointed upon its foundation in 1998. The board has subsequently appointed its own members without requiring the approval or cooperation of PostNL. Members of the board of the Foundation Continuity are appointed for a period of maximum four years. The board has a retirement schedule for its members. Matters relating to the board, such as composition, appointment, independence, meetings and decision-making, have been laid down in the articles of association of the Foundation Continuity. These articles are available under the section Downloads.


Current board

The board of the Foundation Continuity currently comprises four members. The current members are:


M.P. Nieuwe Weme (Chairman)

Mr Marco Nieuwe Weme (1965) is a professor of Corporate Law. His other positions include membership of the board of the Business and Law Research Centre (Onderzoekcentrum Onderneming & Recht), and deputy judge at the Amsterdam district court. He also holds a number of board positions in the corporate world, with companies such Accell, TKH and Brill.


C.M.C. Mahieu

Ms. Carla Mahieu (1959) is former member of the management board of Aegon. Furthermore, ms. Mahieu is member of the Supervisory Board of DSM, Arcardis and VodafoneZiggo.


P.S. Overmars

Mr. Piero Overmars (1964) is former member of the Management Board of ABN AMRO. Furthermore mr. Overmars is chairman of the Supervisory Board of Adyen, and member of the Supervisory Board of Dura Vermeer.


Y. van Rooy

Ms. Yvonne van Rooy (1951) is a former State Secretary of Economic Affairs and she has held various positions at universities and in the Dutch healthcare sector. She is currently a member of the Supervisory Boards at Philips the Netherlands and Fuji Europe and disability organisation ‘s Heerenloo.